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Hello Beautiful!   

That's what I say when I look in the mirror - and I mean it.  It's not an affirmation, it's my reality.  And it feels amazing!  But it wasn't always that way.  Not only did I see ugliness when I looked in the mirror, but I constantly put myself down and criticized everything I did or didn't do.  This spilled into every aspect of my life, causing me to put other's needs ahead of my own no matter the cost to me.  Dreams and ambitions?  Forget it!  I didn't have the confidence to believe I could achieve anything.  But one day I realized that time was running out.  We only have so much time in life to choose happiness and make our own dreams a priority.  And I do believe happiness is a choice.  Each and every one of us has the power to choose happiness - whatever that means to you.  I believe being happy is the point of life.  What else is there? If you're ready to choose happiness, choose confidence, choose power and choose yourself,  book a zero cost discovery session with me to learn how we can make it a reality for you.


What are people saying about working with Carol?


"I’ve had the honor to be a client of Carol’s.  Carol has worked along with me in the discovery of what has been holding me back from fulfilling my dreams.  I had a crippling fear of not succeeding ....failing.  With Carol’s guidance, she has challenged my way of thinking. She has opened my mind to possibilities and to look at every situation in a different way. She has empowered me in a direction I never believe was an option.  My eyes are open to new opportunity and I realize I have a choice in every situation.

I feel more confident to  move forward with my own passion and desires in life.  Carol has a gentle way that put me at ease with her calming voice and her natural ability to understand what isn’t being said. She is a gifted, kind, authentic coach.  I would highly recommend her."

- Deb Milton


"I have to admit I was skeptical when I tried my first session with Carol, but I was amazed by the shift I felt after only a couple of sessions.  I don't know why I didn't see how foolish I was for thinking all the bad things I did.  I came to believe in myself and that I could do the things I was afraid to even try before.  Thank you Carol.  My life is changed."

 - Lisa B.


"Often times we ask ourselves “Why do I feel this way about something or someone in particular?  Part of me can’t let these thoughts go, but I wish I could.”  These questions can feel heavy emotionally, mentally and show themselves physically.  I approached Carol for EFT sessions to help me work through some experiences that were making me feel ‘stuck’ and confused.  I needed to understand them and to them let go.  After the first session, I already felt the weight lift off of me.  What I like about EFT , is that the answers come from within myself.  I just needed the help and guidance bringing them to the surface.  Carol has the wonderful ability of truly listening, getting to the source of my struggle, bringing clarity, and having my own words become my answers.  Everything made sense!  Carol resonates warmth, compassion and genuinely cares for the well being of others.  Thank you so much Carol!"

- Kelly Owen  


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